Peter and Christine Watt (Founder Members) Outeniqua Moon Stud

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Mr Peter and Mrs Christine Watt of Outeniqua Moon Percheron Stud have been with the SA Percheron Breeders Society since 2002 and have a substantial stud headed up by their big stallion Greystoke.

They have seven brood mares all of whom the shortest is 16.2hh the rest are 17hh and 17.2hh. They are equally passionate about truth and horses.  All their foals are handled from birth and because Outeniqua Moon is also a guest farm all the horses are brought up being loved by strangers all the time and very used to people.  The foals delight people by lying with their heads on laps and they carry on doing this blissfully right into adulthood.  The only problem is that when they are big one needs a very strong lap.  The horses do tend to understand this though and allow people to sit down next to them and hug them whilst they are lying down.  Outeniqua Moon is also starting to farm using their horses and have for years done scenic carriage drives around the farm the carriage being pulled by the very famous and much loved gelding Bobby.  They also give carriage driving workshops and other workshops to do with Feeding and Caring for Heavy Draft Horses.


Outeniqua Moon’s main stallion Trek Lekker Greystoke 17hh

Tank girl crop 2 web

Outeniqua Moon Tank Girl17.2hh out of  Treklekker Greystoke and Elsenburg Maresa

_Art and Gaia web

Outeniqua Moon Artemis 16.2hh out of Mafura Nicora and Mafura Boeraak and foal Gaia out of Greystoke

Shaddowfax webOuteniqua Moon Shaddowfax17.2hh out of Treklekker Greystoke and Outeniqua MoonLucy

Outeniqua Moon Shadowfax is going to be two years old on the 3rd January 2014.  He is already 17.2hh.  He will be fully grown when he is seven years old.  He will definitely make 18.2hh and maybe 19hh which will put him in the running for one of the biggest Percherons in the world.  Shadowfax is a South African bred horse and his bloodlines go all the way back to Regulateur, a French import into SA in 1965.  He has a lovely conformation, a wonderful temperament, massive bone and 4 black hooves.

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Outeniqua Moon Betty16.3 out of Treklekker Greystoke and Outeniqua Moon Venda with her owners Peter and Christine Watt

  She is the full blood sister of Outeniqua Moon Crystal out of Greystoke and Venda.  Outeniqua Moon Crystal is owned by Mr Hannes van der Walt and she won the 2012 Horse of the Year- Percheron Class- Mares – Champion and 2012 Horse of the Year- Percheron Class- Supreme Breed Champion.

Peter and Christine don’t have time to go showing but are avid supporters of the showing scene.