Marcelle de Wet Roos (Founder Member) Purple Sky Stud


Mobile: (0027) 083 393 33 96

Mrs Marcelle De Wet Roos of Purple Sky Stud joined the SA Percheron Breeders Society in 2008. 

Marcelle is a superlative horsewoman and very into showing with an excellent reputation in the Western Cape showing world where she is constantly promoting classes for the Heavy Draft Horses.  She has a small successful stud with an excellent stallion Elsenburg Lipo out of Elsenburg Lumbay and Elsenburg Lizette (dam). Marcelle has two really good brood mares and three young fillies.  She has bred and sold several colts for riding and carriage purposes.  Marcelle also has tremendous knowledge, impeccable integrity and a huge love for the Percheron horses which she cares for with great pride and generosity. All her foals are handled from birth and by the time they are backed they are smiling and so is anybody who buys a horse from her.

379519_294793160567640_529408864_nPurple Sky’s stallion Elsen burg Lipo

285469_193415234051210_8304830_nWaterford Marion

382989_10150524375519280_3755102_nWaterford Marion and Foal with owner Marcelle de Wet Roos

Liza webTreklekker Lisa, recently bought by Purple sky; one of the few mares with an open bloodline.  Bloodline Langevelt

LyricTreklekker Lyric, Purple Sky’s latest buy out of Elsenburg M’beki and Treklekker Lisa