Bruce Joubert

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Mr Bruce Joubert of Somgxada Stud and SA National Animal Traction (SANAT) at Fort Hare University. 

Bruce has been a member of the SA Percheron Breeders society since 1994 before he moved over to the Namibian Percheron Breeders Society.  He is hugely knowledgeable about animal traction and working with Percheron horses. He has run dozens of workshops on farming using animal traction as opposed to using tractors with emphasis on the green benefits to the earth. Bruce is also a man of impeccable integrity who has worked tirelessly and selflessly for the horses and keeping the planet and a green and friendly place to be. His research has over the years made an immense impression on the Eastern Cape farming community and on the Percheron Breeders in Southern Africa]

brce 2 CROPSomgxada Stud Stallion

bruce 1Somgxada Stud Mares

bruce 3Two grand mares pulling the farm cart

bruce 6Ploughing between rows

bruce 7

All the farm work is done using horses rather than tractors thus protecting the planet by creating a tiny carbon footprint. When the earth is worked using horses they don’t impact the earth but rather open it gently using their hooves; whereas a tractor rolls over it compacting the earth making plant growth more difficult.  Horses also don’t run on fossil fuels and are totally sustainable.  They also help to fertilize the earth with their wonderful manure and are much more cost effective to run than a tractor.