Nick Maritz (Founder Member)

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The Percheron Horse Breeders Society of Namibia was born when Nick Maritz and his wife Hendrien, a passionate horseman and horse woman from Namibia, came to stay at Outeniqua Moon Percheron Stud and Guest Farm with their family.

The whole Maritz family fell in love with the Percheron Horses and bought two gorgeous young mares from Mr Peter Watt of Outeniqua Moon, Rhiannon (16.2hh) and young Gaia who is going to catch up to her sister in height and a lovely colt, Leo,  from Mr Gerrie van Zyl of Almarada Stud. Their stud is near Usakos in Namibia where the lucky horses have five thousand hectares of sweet veldt grass.  They found that they shared the same view points and values of integrity regarding horses and horse breeding; the rest is smiley history….

Loading GaiaOuteniqua Moon Rhiannon already on board to go to Namibia and her sister Outeniqua Moon Gaia following up the ramp.

IMG-20130713-WA0007Mr Nick Maritz and his daughter with his 9 month old colt Almarada Leo ( Stud Stallion to be)

IMG-20130718-WA0001The wonderful Namibian sweet grass of home.

IMG-20130730-WA0003Rhai and Gaia going for a walk

IMG-20130718-WA0000Leo munching happily in his new home