Horse and Human Heritage

The Relationship Between Horses And Humans… A Journey

The relationship of humans and horses has sustained the world again and again throughout the centuries.  For 10,000 years horses were central to family life.  The earliest signs of the partnership between horses and humans were found in two lonely graves hundreds of miles apart from each-other; on the Asian steppe near to the old silk route lay one grave and in Egypt the other.  These ancient humans had so revered their horses that they had elected to be buried with them.

Bobby and sleepy Fiona

The Members of the Namibian Percheron Horse Breeders Society are working to preserve and understand our horse and human heritage and to help others to find a way back to this wonderful connection.

What has happened to us?  We hardly know horses anymore and that magical archaic companionship is all but lost to us.  For ten thousand years the human spirit has been bound up with the spirit of the horse. Everyone knew horses, from the richest to the poorest of people. Horses were the key to our lives and they set up a balance for our temperaments whether we realise it or not and this intrinsic balance has been lost. In order to work with a horse efficiently you have to be in a certain state of mind, it could be called the perfect state because you have to be so well balanced psychologically.

The horse is a herd animal which depends on the alpha mare for all its signals. The alpha mare is firm, fair and strong and all her instincts are for the good of the herd.  The other horses read her at an emotive level and take all their cues from her.  They in fact mirror her emotional behaviour and read her emotional signals with a hundred per cent accuracy and their lives depend on it. The trust between the alpha mare and the herd is absolute.

Maresa with Bella suckling

When we work with horses we have to become the alpha mare which is a very hard position to fill indeed. We have to become unselfish and put the horse first.  We have to moderate our tempers; overcome our fears and bring ourselves to a point of objective stillness in order to work well with a horse.  The old horsemen called this the feel.

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It has only been in the last 100 years that motor cars, trucks and tractors have replaced the horse. In those hundred years we have lost that moderating factor in our lives and we have lost the great spiritual link to our souls.  We are dislocated in a terrible mechanical limbo.
In acquiring the motor vehicles we have gained freedom of covering great distances at speed but this has been paid for with a huge price. Not only is our planet becoming increasingly inhospitable to life but we have lost touch with life and living things.