Welcome to the Percheron Horse Breeders Society of Namibia

Welcome to the Percheron Horse Breeders society of Namibia; a society with a vision of the future without borders for all Southern Africans to feel at home in. It doesn’t matter whether your stud is located in Namibia or South Africa or anywhere else in Southern Africa you will be able to register your horses with us.


The Percheron Horse Breeders Society of Namibia was formed by a group of long standing members of the South African Percheron Breeders Society and Mr Nick Maritz of Namibia.   The founder members of The Percheron Horse Breeders Society of Namibia are Mr Nick Maritz of Namibia, Mr Gerrie van Zyl (Acting President), Mr Bennie Marais,  Mrs Marcelle de Wet Roos and Mr and Mrs Peter and Christine Watt.

We offer an alternative society for all the Southern Africans and Namibians to join and rest easy in the knowledge that we intend to be a society of gentlemen and gentlewomen who put the horses first.  None of us are going to get rich breeding horses, our money has been made elsewhere, but by putting it back into the Percheron horses we are preserving a world that used horses and not machines to feed itself and that is noble.  We become essentially greater than ourselves and transcend momentarily the dog eat dog world that we all have to live in.

Our policies for this new society are based entirely upon the members and equality among the members.  We intend to keep our members happy and to assist them as much as possible with sound breeding and ventures based around the horses.  We intend to be frugal with our fiancés and not charge our members huge fees but generous with our advice and support in all our members endeavours with the horses.

Our fees at the moment are what the NSBA charge which is R187-00 per member per year and R16-50 per horse per year.  We will have to charge a little bit extra to cover the running costs of the society but we will keep this to an absolute minimum and with all the breeders’ approval.  We intend to be totally transparent in all our dealings and our members will have all the background to all decisions regarding the society and its finances.

We will also be supporting and encouraging showing of our horses; tourism based around the horses and alternative green farming methods utilizing horse drawn traction.  We are planning to look into green credits on the farming side and sponsorship for our members to attend shows.

We predict that there will be several members joining us in the future.  We have amongst us the best breeding stock in Southern Africa and if we keep our breeding policies open and just, we can only do well by the horses and that is our total intention.

We look forward to welcoming you to a happy, healthy, honest society, one on which the sun shines brightly.